Jing, ‘the giver of life,’ is the first of the Three Treasures according to Daoist principles. Jing is also ‘Essence’ and as such it is a very dense and energy packed life promoting substance.

We receive our Jing from our parents, each providing their energies in the form of egg and sperm. But, in addition, the energy and Jing of all our ancestors are part of the mix! Our Jing is unique to us as we are unique to the world.

Jing Essence exists in a stage of pure potential and becoming. It is a stored energy that can transform at any moment into what the Chinese refer to as ‘the ten thousand things’ or what we call creation. Jing is not only used to create another human being, it can also be used to create thoughts, works of art, symphonies, novels, and companies. Anything that the mind can create is a manifestation of Jing.

In the body, Jing is traditionally associated with the Kidneys, spinal fluid, brain, skeletal structure, and bone marrow.

Jing Essence must be protected and nourished if we are to experience healthy aging and longevity. Our life choices, what we choose to eat, how we choose to act, and how much rest we give ourselves all have a direct impact on the quality and quantity of our Jing Essence.





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