Spirit (Shen),‘the light of life’ is the third of the Three Treasures. This is the most refined and immeasurable of the energies. It is translated as ‘Spirit,’ but it is much more than just our spirit. It is our consciousness. Our higher self. Our connection to the Divine. Shen is housed in the Heart, and when abundant, provides us with feelings of peace, calm, and serenity. It gives us proper perspective on our life and our place in the universe. Compassion and empathy for others are hallmarks of awakened Shen.

What is important to understand about Shen, is that it ultimately is best cultivated by mastering Jing and Qi and the body. It is similar to a pregnancy, when the egg and sperm are united, a Spirit naturally attaches to the new life. When we are Jing and Qi deficient or out of balance, we do not have the vehicle best suited for housing the highest vibration of Shen energy. When Jing and Qi are properly balanced, nourished, and united, Shen can flourish! That is why it is so important to protect, nourish, and balance all Three Treasures.

The Shen is revealed to others through the eyes. It is also visible in our face, our expressions, our smile, our alertness. When Shen is strong, we have mental acuity and sharpness. Our imagination is activated. We become channels of energy. We are in the great immortal flow of life!


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